Bozlu Art Project Nişantaşı hosts the exhibition titled "NOTHING: Untraveled seas, unspoken words" by Utku Varlık between May 3 and June 16 2016. The exhibition, which is fictionalized upon a short story the artist has written based on his experiences, comprises new paintings by Varlık, all of which will be exhibited for the first time. Utku Varlık, who has been living in Paris since the 70s, will also deliver a speech for Bozlu Art Project in Istanbul, where he will come for his new exhibition.  

"Well, to tell what?  While the place he has come to from NOTHING flows motionlessly towards an unknown sea, he again arrives at NOTHING with the phenomenon we call life..."

The new exhibition by Utku Varlık, who is a prominent painter of the generation of 68, will be open for the viewers in the beginning of May. The exhibition, which is based on an important concept in Eastern and Western philosophies, i.e. NOTHINGNESS, invites the viewers to an instinctive voyage expanding to the personal background of the artist as well as his conceptual queries.

In his exhibition titled "Fragments" that he opened last year at Bozlu Art Project, based on the thought "If a dream gradually transforms into a painting, then in the end a painting would also transform into a dream", was querying his own art the the point painting has come to today by taking a look at the short stories, bits of poetry and sketches of different setups of "phenomenon" layers experienced and thought while fictionalizing a dream, that have been clipped and fallen down during the assembly, but nevertheless that have been put aside and kept.

The artist now resumes his queries and goes out on a journey between reality and dream where he starts out from NOTHING and travels again towards NOTHING, and leaves the viewers tete-a-tete with a utopic world woven with untraveled seas and unspoken words.

What is promised by the unique and extraordinary journey fictionalized by the new paintings the artist has created for "NOTHING: Untraveled seas, unspoken words", can be seen between the lines of the short story Varlık has written on the occasion of this exhibition:

"As long as colors and concepts lose their meanings, they think that art renews itself; yes, in the end we have come to this point, those who are askew in their being teach us the arts; how can a phenomenon be reversed? I want to go back to my old naiveté, to be stabilized in a sad and ecstatic visuality, however a CATHARSIS would be! Starting out again from NOTHING, even if it's late..."

Utku Varlık's exhibition titled "NOTHING: Untraveled seas, unspoken words" can be visited at Bozlu Art Project Nişantaşı between May 3 and June 16 2016.


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