Bozlu Art Project Nişantaşı is hosting Çağatay Odabaş’s exhibition titled as ¨Close Up¨ between the dates 4th May – 8th June. The exhibition, which focuses on iconic scenes of iconic films of cinematic history, of the artist who receives mainly artistic inspiration sources and references from the cinema, invites audiences to take a closer look to the paintings.

Çağatay Odabaş wants us to look at the figures in the iconic films of cinema history with their own eyes, using the pointillist painting technique that brings together thousands of different coloured shots which create a photographic effect in the exhibition titled as "Close Up". The portraits in the frames which are chosen by the artist emphasizes the structure, which is variable and can be duplicated by the audience, of the imagine in a frozen “moment” by focusing on the relation between the audience and the image.

For the creation process, which takes long sessions, of the portraits giving a photographic impression, Odabaş states that “When I am creating my paintings, I generally choose the character initially, then the scene. Actually first I am dividing scene into the pieces by acting with the logic of Lego, and then I combine these pieces by finalizing them one by one. I focus the process as I am making a Lego by knowing what will be created in the end, and I am really taking pleasure in doing this.”, and draws attention to the “pleasureful” side, which is accepted by the artist as a “ritual”, of creating process of a painting. The portraits, which only turns into colours and become indistinct from a closer look deliver a look in the artist’s eyes to the relations between long shot and close up on the audiences.


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