Bozlu Art Project Nişantaşı hosts the exhibition titled "Force of Gravity" by Çağatay Odabaş between December 10, 2015 and January 23, 2016. Curated by Oğuz Erten, the exhibition reflects the effects of Odabaş's artistic feeding sources on the paintings of the artist who has a great interest in science fiction movies.

"Time is an illusion generated by the order of the states of our consciousness while we are on a journey to an eternal sustenance. Where there is no consciousness where an illusion may be generated, there is no time; but it 'drifts into sleep'..."

H. P. Blavatsky

In the exhibition titled "Force of Gravity" by Çağatay Odabaş, a great motion is revealed to the viewers in fragmented forms revealing the energy, based on the most basic law providing the cycle in the universe. While the cinematographic effect attracting the eye in the abstract compositions of the artist, who is greatly interested in cinema and especially feeds from science fiction movies, brings into the mind the scenes on outer space, the forms scattered by various color explosions represent the breaking into pieces of the figures attracting the eye in the figurative paintings of the artist.

The dynamic effect in the compositions the artist, who has conducted many design works in the creation process of his artworks and queried the possibilities of color with digital touches, has created with his meticulously selected colors and painting techniques presents a motion inviting the viewers to its own pace.

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