Utku Dervent is meeting with art lovers in Bozlu Art Project Nişantaşı with his 8th solo exhibition titled as “Self-Portrait” which has been built on the same ground with his book named as “Every Painting Is a Self-Portrait” which had been published by Bozlu Art Publications on January 2016.

 In the exhibition named “Self-Portrait”, the works of Utku Dervent, who has been fictionalising his paintings on the relations between form-space and light-colour for many years, have the characteristics of a moment of silence to famous artists and philosophers from worlds of art and thought that he is impressed from when he forms his artistic identity.  All of his paintings are one each of portraits that are shaped within the frame of his notional – geometrical style of people who effect on Dervent through their impressions. Utku Dervent mentions that all of these portraits are entirely his own self-portrait and he gives clues on his exhibition as below:

¨Each and every one of our relationships with the world are mirrors that reflect us back at ourselves. Every painting made, by way of relating to the world, is a self portrait as the painter’s encounter with their own self. This is so because what the painter depicts in their work is a revelation, a disclosure of their perception of the world and in being so, it is the self itself. In time I realized that these thougts crystalized how I view art, what I think it is. I saw the abstract geometric assemblies where I work on relationships between colour and form emerge as the most direct, immediate way of self-confrontation and self-discovery for myself.¨

The exhibition, in which the artist’s personal notes about people that the artist has been impressed are shared with audiences together with paintings, may be visited between the dates on 21st March – 29th April 2017 in Bozlu Art Project Nişantaşı.