Bozlu Art Project presents “Fiction Machines” by Server Demirtaş as the first exhibition of the new season. The exhibition also embraces the hyperrealistic artwork horse, a kinetic sculpture in motion, which took the artist over 2 years to complete. The artist continues to push the boundaries of his artistic expression through his reformulations of ordinary moments from life while trying to characterise the inner experiences of his subjects.

Server Demirtas goes beyond the classic sculpture forms and continues to deal with the concepts of space-movement and perpetuity-inertia.  Simple moments from daily life are glorified through the repetitions of constructed fictions that go beyond mechanics and dwell in the realm of psychology and emotions. Emotions and inner states that are overlooked in daily routine are presented in slow motion to recreate them in an impressive realism that combine mechanical aesthetics with conceptual inquiries.

The artist has developed his own engineering solutions to create the necessary movements of his sculptures through the use of off-the-shelf materials including car wipers and bicycle brakes. Each sculpture comes to life through specifically choreographed movements of the parts and creates a contrast between the mechanical appearance and the humanlike fluidity of acts.


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