Respect II

Bozlu Art Project presents a selection from the artworks of nine prominent Turkish sculptors in the exhibition titled Respect II, curated by Oğuz Erten. The selection, which is basically a sequel to the exhibition titled Respect, which was held last year at Bozlu Art Project Nişantaşı, invites the viewers this time to think about the depth of the third dimension.
The exhibition, which presents the works of Mehmet Aksoy, Rahmi Aksungur, Aloş, Koray Ariş, Server Demirtaş, Osman Dinç, Candeğer Furtun, Meriç Hızal and Seyhun Topuz, gives an opportunity to view the artists together, who represent nine different art movements despite being artists of adjacent periods and thus having common features.
The exhibition brings together these nine artists' artworks formed with various witnessings in their production processes where they combine art and life. The exhibition, where we see natural, geometric, abstract, figurative, moving forms and various materials in the axis of the relationship between space and mass in sculpture, leaves the viewers tete-a-tete with the artworks of the masters who have transformed the language of sculpture in Turkey.
While on one hand Respect focuses on the artwork readings of the artists included in the exhibition, on the other hand it reminds our struggle with sculpture in the public sphere by approaching the prominent figures in the modern and contemporary sculpture adventure of Turkey and aims to inspire new readings with an approach in the nature of "Respect" to the versatile structure of the artwork comprising a standalone expression independent from market conditions, changing and transforming the viewers and raising new awarenesses.