Bozlu Art Project hosts the personal exhibition titled "From Kings and Queens to Don Quixotes" between October 22 and December 5, of Özdemir Altan, one of Turkey's most prominent artists.

Bozlu Art Project Nişantaşı hosts the personal exhibition of Özdemir Altan, one of Turkey's most prominent artists. In the exhibition curated by Özlem İnay Erten, a wide selection of examples from various periods of Özdemir Altan will be displayed including the "Kings and Queens" series he created in the 60s, his "Realistic Period" in the 70s, the three dimensional works comprising conceptual queries that he created in the 80s, his collages, the Family Trees he started in the 90s and carried on to date and the Don Quixote series comprising his recent works. The exhibition, where the interim periods of the artist between these dates and his collective works may also be viewed, is a summary of the artistic views of Altan, which are increasingly clarified in his long career in art.

"...Art gives references, an impact is unavoidable; not the means, but the ends are important...
...Art is created by different concepts, origins, structures and logics coming together...
...A meaning cannot be attributed to art by force. It should be allowed to find its meaning itself..."
The exhibition, which aims to reflect the important milestones in the artist's career of nearly seventy years who has repeated his views on art with the aforementioned words, which can be considered as his motto, and who has carried out his works accordingly for many years, based on the "risk" element every change and newly started series carry for an artist, aims to display the invigorated quests Altan has been carrying out for many years.
In the exhibition, which may be viewed at Bozlu Art Project Nişantaşı between October 22 and December 5, art lovers will also have a chance to attend the artistic interview to be made with Özdemir Altan.