Founded within Bozlu Holding, which has been continuously developing and growing in the fields of healthcare and technology since 1990, Bozlu Art Project Nişantaşı presents the latest works of art by Halil Akdeniz, a prominent Turkish painter, in the exhibition “Beyond Boundaries.” The exhibition comprises the works of the artist focusing on cultural data, symbols and marks.
The context of the works of  Halil Akdeniz presented in the exhibition “Beyond Boundaries” is shaped by the cultural memory within the geography we live in. While we have observed that the artist previously forced and diversified the boundaries of painting with the materials and techniques he used, in his latest works we witness that the painting breaks off the surface of the wall and evolves to a form covering and integrating the whole space. The restructuring in the works of Halil Akdeniz as of the point it has reached today displays a development towards an awareness for “intellectual space” communicating with the environment through information and art as well as in his own words, an understanding for “painting beyond concepts”.
The exhibition “Beyond Boundaries” will be open for the public at BOZLU ART PROJECT Nişantaşı from April 8 until May 24 2014.
About Halil Akdeniz
Born in 1944 in Antalya, the artist received his artistic education at Ankara Gazi Education Institute Department of Painting Works and Berlin Public Fine Arts Academy. He received his master's, proficiency in art and associate professorship degrees at Ege University and Dokuz Eylül University. Becoming a professor in 1994, Akdeniz worked as an instructor in many universities and founded the Departments of Painting and Fine Arts in Ege, Dokuz Eylül and Bilkent universities. He founded the Science of Art Department in Anadolu University as a first in Turkey. As a result of the research studies he conducted and the contributions he made to art, the artist received numerous national and international awards.  He took part in many individual and group exhibitions, fairs and projects both domestically and abroad. Akdeniz currently continues his artistic works and career at Istanbul Işık University.