Evren Erol who continues his studies through basic metaphors such as change, conversion, refusal and approval context will be in Bozlu Art Project Nişantaşı with his third solo exhibition titled as “Creations / Creatures of The Mind” on between the dates of 6th December – 21st January. In his exhibition, the artist who calls the audiences to reconsider and imagine through their daily lives focuses the people who will wake up their sleeps of mind and will recreate themselves in a marginalized, alienated society.

In the exhibition titled as “Creations / Creatures of The Mind”, Evren Erol invites the people to question the sources of love and violence in their subconscious in today’s communities which are tied between the past and the future through the contexts of submission and resistance.

The artist who mentions the people’s existence dilemmas in his works explains his thoughts revealing this exhibition with his words as “I think that the basic problem deepening intercommunal separation is our effort of regarding each other as others and strangers.  Humankind is the most alienating and creating strangers. In other words, a stranger is both inside and outside of the human being… And I think that we form the other due to be alienated to ourselves in our weird world by starting from the idea of not recognize ourselves and the truth of human mind having dark sides.”.

In the title of exhibition, Evren Erol makes a conceptual reference to the gravure named as “The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters” of famous painter named Francisco Goya who is regarded as one of modern art leaders and which is a symbol of caprice serial in which he stood against absolute authority in Spain of 18th century and he brought criticism loaded with metaphors against the communities in which reasons are disabled; and Erol invites the audiences to imagine and think with his words as “This exhibition is an invitation for imagining and hoping to wake up the sleep of mind, and create a liveable world…”.



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