I wish my feelings are the same as yours,

I wanted to tell my feelings to yours without speaking...

In the new season, Bozlu Art Project hosts a photography exhibition titled "From Within Me" by Ahmet Görsev. The exhibition, where Kerem Görsev Trio will give a short concert on the opening night, will be held on behalf of Mother Child Education Foundation (AÇEV). Believing that education starts and is completed at home in the earlier ages, based on this belief, Görsev aims to give the message that future mothers and fathers must be educated.
In the exhibition, where we will witness 40 of the shots in which the "Moments" in Ahmet Görsev's life have been eternalized, we will get a chance to get closer to Görsev's feelings. In one instance we will find ourselves in a scarlet sunset and in another sitting on a balcony watching an opera. Sometimes we will remember our most happy moments on a prairie and sometimes our feelings of sorrow will come to light in a hotel room... Görsev including subjects independent and far from each other in the 40 photographs he selected is nothing but him reaching us with his internal viewfinder.
The income to be generated from the exhibition to be held at Bozlu Art Project Şişli during 01 - 16 October 2015 will be donated to AÇEV.

Ahmet Görsev
Born in 1957 in Istanbul, Ahmet Görsev graduated from the Istanbul Academy of Fine Arts (now known as Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University) Painting Department in 1982. Görsev's interest in the art of photography started with a camera he got in an early age, inspiring from his father. Because Görsev continued his career on lighting designs along with the education he received in the Academy on painting, in his photographs elements like composition, design, black white balance come into prominence. Görsev, who is a listener to jazz and classical music, aims to reflect that photography has a music and rhythm of its own as well.