Yahşi Baraz


Oğuz Erten, Özlem İnay Erten

Number of Pages



27,5 x 23,5 cm



Distribution Date

Istanbul, 2021


Lale Uluç, Robert Finn, İpek Tabur, Başak Güntekin


Turkish / English

Fahrelnissa Zeid: Towards a Storm, one of the most comprehensive publications covering the life and art of Fahrelnissa Zeid (1901 – 1991), one the most important women artists of the twentieth century, was published by Bozlu Art Publications. This book is the result of an intense research and preparation period of four years. Fahrelnissa Zeid: Towards a Storm published by Bozlu Art Publications endeavors to draw attention to the importance of monographs on artists whose works constitute the cornerstones of Turkish art. Written by Yahşi Baraz and edited by art historian Dr. Özlem İnay Erten, and Oğuz Erten, the book was prepared with the contribution of the Zeid family. Fahrelnissa Zeid: Towards a Storm is deepened with the narratives based on the archival documents and personal encounters of Yahşi Baraz, one of the first art gallerists of Turkey who had the opportunity to be closely acquainted with the artist as well as other family members.

Fahrelnissa Zeid: Towards a Storm makes it possible for the readers to follow the stormy story of the life and artistic career of Fahrelnissa Zeid’s ­who was born in Büyükada (Istanbul) as the daughter of Şakir Pasha. Enriched by many first-time published photographs of the artist and her works, the book offers not only a detailed account of the important events in the artists life such as becoming a princess but also focuses on her art career which extends from her early years as one of the first female students at the İnas Sanayi-i Nefise Mektebi (Academy of Fine Arts) to Paris and London, major art metropolises of the world at the time, and ends at Jordan where she lived until her last days.

Towards a Storm: Fahrelnissa Zeid commemorates Fahrelnissa Zeid on the 120th anniversary of her birth, and through the testimonies of Yahşi Baraz, a close acquaintance of the artist, presents the readers with the most comprehensive monography of the life and works of Fahrelnissa Zeid.

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