Oğuz Erten-Özlem İnay Erten


Özlem İnay Erten

Number of Pages



30 x 23 cm



Distribution Date

Istanbul, 2023


Selim Karlıtekin



The book titled “A Painting of My Face: Artist Ateliers and Self-Portraits from the Dr. Şükrü Bozluolcay Collection” authored by Dr. Özlem İnay Erten and Oğuz Erten, focuses on the most extraordinary and intriguing sections of the collection, namely “Artist Ateliers,” and one of the most important themes in art history, “Self-Portraits.”

The chapter titled “Artist Ateliers” covers the artistic production materials used by various artists of different generations, from the Ottoman period to the present day, such as easels, palettes, brushes, aprons, paint tubes, etc., and also maps the thoughts and perspectives of the artists on the concept of the “atelier,” offering new readings that reflect the relationship between “the artist and the atelier,” and aims to provide fresh insights on the idea and logic of collection.

The “Self-Portraits” chapter focuses on the concept of “self-portrait,” which can be regarded as both a proof of the artist’s existence and a form of introspection, self-confrontation, and a desire to leave a kind of “trace” as evidence of how they see themselves and how they wish to be seen. This chapter, with its content spanning from Süleyman Seyyid to Nazmi Ziya Güran, Fahrelnissa Zeid to Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu, Adnan Çoker to Burhan Uygur, Yüksel Arslan, and contemporary artists, reflects the changes in the language of an important tradition in the history of art in time, while also revealing the differences in the individual styles of the artists.

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