Semih Zeki, who has focused on demolishing effect of continuous change in the city on memory and sense for a long while in his paintings, has been including disturbing nature particles with the focuses as dashed lines which are added upon gross phases, familiar with trees, meadows and sky, but marking the ones to be shivered in his new exhibition named “Demolition”.  The audiences may view the exhibition in Bozlu Art Project between the dates 31st October – 5th December.

The fact that Semih Zeki constructs his exhibition named “Demolition” upon remnants of his previous workings, reconstructs them, reform them and fictionalizes them as so to be reference for new images refer to the thought that even the demolition does not destroy the existing and also stretch marks in the nature like human beings are the basis for reconstructing itself.

The artist who declares that he also wants to demolish himself “until only the situation of painting the pure remains” and navies and pinks, which we met in the world that he constructed with this desire, also contain a statement about hope while they arise from grey background, inside the cement and asphalt, from very thin stretch marks and inside nature portraits and all marks regarding with demolition. However, the city is full of non-existing places, which leave no room for memory, the painter merely wants us to feel that there is another power, which is supplied with the velocity of demolition and to remember that before anything else in the beginning, there was only dark and chaos, and the sound was arisen from them…


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