The impact of climatic fluctuations on humankind over the centuries have been one of the determinants of social fracture, new rituals, internal motion and change. Developments in their evolutionary process of nature or the result of manipulative climatic effects, could be thought as the key of prominent social changes. Floods, earthquakes, natural events such as drought or war, trade relations as well as political factors’s impact on people for centuries in a line extending from literature to plastic arts have been determinant of the changes and transformations, and led to the emergence of new art movements and ways of thinking. In all of these processes the corresponding artists express their ties directly or indirectly to the environment through art, and also “Climate Change” concept which has multifaceted meanings affects them as individuals and their subjective experiences of the assets located in the inner climate change.
Bozlu Art Project, -after “Connection”, “Back Side”,  “Beyond Boundaries” exhibitions- is focusing on “climate change” theme in the fourth exhibition which will continue throughout the summer. The exhibition was curated by Ozlem Inay Erten and 13 artists’s new works of art in different disciplines such as paintings, sculptures and video Works based on concept of “Climate Change” will be included. In short documentary prepared for the exhibition, visitors will be able to witness the production process of artists.

Presence of human intervention in nature felt with each passing day more or the effects of global warming on human beings are the examples which parallels with each other or wars, migrations and internal revolts cause social fractures… How these changes affect artists or how they transfer their internal changes into their art?
Built on the climatic events in the organic and geographical existence, shaping their individual and social existence of man; spiritual, emotional and ideological climate changes can be viewed in Bozlu Art Project Nisantasi. The exhibition titled “Climate Change” is looks concept of “climate change” outside the methods of nature trying to tell us and aims to question the universe and climate through collective memory and intellectual starting points of the artists.

The artists in the exhibition are Gaye Ates, Ozgur Demirci, Server Demirtas, Utku Dervent, Volkan Diyaroglu, Evren Erol, Demet Kaya Gungorur, Dincer Gungorur, Medine Irak, Hulya Kupcuoglu, Deniz Sagdıc, Ilker Yardimci and Semih Zeki. “Climate Change” exhibition runs between 28th May-16th August 2014 at Bozlu Art Project Nisantasi.