Ali Alisir presents the today’s people, whose life has been intervened by the influence of the developing communication and information technologies in different ways, and who are getting more and more passivated by getting away from their own natural decision mechanisms, and who hybridize through their souls and become the same through their bodies, in his exhibition “Hybrid Souls”, which he will hold at Bozlu Art Project. The exhibition may be visited at Bozlu Art Project in Nisantasi on December 12 – January 23, 2018.

The bodies in movement, available in the exhibition “Hybrid Souls” to be held by Ali Alisir, which are abstracted from the time and location, pay attention to the stress experienced by humans, who try to stand in balance despite of the complexity of the modern life and the corrosiveness of the time spent rapidly, in their inner world. Alisir, who transmits the psychological stress, experienced by the individuals, who are required to make a choice between their body and soul, in their own world, to the audience through his figures that strain at the leash, intends to emphasize the discrepancies and mood of people’s inner world by means of the body movements. The futurist effect that we confront in the previous exhibition “Cosmos“, held by the artist, acquires a different meaning and dimension through the human body.

Ali Alisir states that “I try to emphasize the contradictory unity of calmness and movement in my studies. I try to examine the spiritual and mental dynamics, which are sometimes formed through a single figure and sometimes through the interaction of multiple figures.”; and his Baroque atmosphere, which includes the figures, melting and being lost into the contrast of the white and black ground, bears the traces of the years during which the artist has studies art education in Italy.

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