İlgen Arzık was born in 1980 in Iskenderun and she studied in Istanbul Anadolu High School of Fine Arts, then she studied in and graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Painting. In her works, she emphasized and focussed on the geographical and political problems of the world we live in, worries about nature, questions of reality. In order to channel the audience to contemplate on the question of reality, duality, contrasts, humorous factors have significant part in her expressions. In time, also by trying different mediums, the artist having reached a more minimalist exposition, fictionalizes most of her works in the form of series. In the ‘Hallucinogen development’ series which she used as a photogram technique was initially used, she expressed in her own way the things which happened in history with ongoing effect today while fictionalizing such photos. İlgen Arzık having produced her works in a dark room by using analogue experimental black-white photograph printing techniques was awarded during Akbank’s 30th Contemporary Artists exhibition and in 2012 in Vienna, she was involved in ‘Black Sea Calling’ Project as a guest artist.


İlgen Arzık Exhibitions